Andrew Travers Andrew Travers is an interaction designer and researcher. He’s the author of Interviewing for research.

Andrew Travers


Upcoming workshop: interviewing for research at UX Cambridge

How to make the most of research as a design tool.

I’m delighted to be running an workshop at UX Cambridge 2012. I’ll be covering interviewing for research - something I think remains one of the most underrated skills in the UX toolkit. We all know how to talk to people, right? How hard can it be?

This session will focus on how to use research as a more effective design tool, and covering some of the things about interviewing that can often get overlooked, particularly the before and after:

UX Cambridge takes place on 29-30 November, and has a stellar lineup of speakers: I’m personally really looking forward to seeing Jeff Gothelf, Richard Caddick and Harry Brignull.

Tickets are available from the UX Cambridge website. See you there!