Andrew Travers Andrew Travers is an interaction designer and researcher. He’s the author of Interviewing for research.

Andrew Travers


That difficult second album

We've just released the second London IA podcast, an interview with the incomparable Mags Hanley.

The latest London IA podcast is available for you to download right now from iTunes and from huffduffer.

This one has been a bit of challenge. Aside from the usual juggling of schedules, Matthew broke his ankle not long before we initially planned to interview, we needed to record this one ‘on the road’ and there was also some decidedly ill-advised experimenting on our part with our recording setup. So, while the sound isn’t exactly broadcast quality, the content - if I say so myself - more than makes up for it.

Mags Hanley is a name you’ll probably know best from her time at the BBC alongside the other names that have come to shape our industry in the UK over the last decade: Matt Jones, Tom Coates, Matt Biddulph, Tom Loosemore, and Martin Belam amongst others. She’s been teaching what IA and UX for longer than many of us have been practising, as well as mentoring and managing UX designers. So, it’s with precision, authority and experience as well as humour, that Mags talks here about everything from the way we work, about we bring on the next generation of designers and information architects, the challenge to our professional bodies, and how we mange teams of UX designers.

It was great fun to record. Hope you enjoy it.