Andrew Travers

Andrew Travers is a designer and researcher. He’s the author of Interviewing for research.

Thank you, Scotland

Posted on 22 Sep 2014

I originally posted this on Facebook on the grey morning after Scotland’s independence vote. I wanted it to reach beyond my network of friends and family and to some of the people that have inspired and informed me, and made this such a rewarding period in my life; to those that have helped changed the way I see the world and the ways in which I want to change it. Everyone involved in Scotland’s politics over the campaign could make such a list and make a very different list. But this is mine.

'Thank you to National Collective, the Radical Independence Campaign, to the Common Weal and Women for Independence. To the Bus Party, Yestival and Documenting Yes. To Bella Caledonia, Lesley Riddoch, Paul Mason, Iain McWhirter, John Harris, Alan Little, Andrew Wilson, Jonathan Rowson and John Nicholson. Thanks to Frankie Boyle, Limmy and Kevin Bridges. Thanks to Pat Kane, Irvine Welsh, Christopher Brookmyre, Stuart Braithwaite, Ricky Ross, Elaine C Smith, RM Hubbert, David Greig and Karine Polwart. To Zara Kitson, Vonny Moyes, Andrew Tickell, Kate Higgins, Stephen Paton and Michael Greenwell. To Jim Sillars, Cat Boyd, Robin McAlpine and everyone else who spent every evening of the last year in open public meetings. Thanks to the first time voters I met yesterday and their kids covered in Yes stickers for making me smile. Thanks to Alex and Nicola, it was never about you but we wouldn't have been there without you.

'That's all I've got.'