Andrew Travers Andrew Travers is an interaction designer and researcher. He’s the author of Interviewing for research.

Andrew Travers


Announcing IxDA Birmingham

In August, I leave London, the city I’ve lived in and loved for just over twenty years, to begin a whole new adventure in Birmingham. This is no lengthy, hand-wringing thought piece on leaving London though. I’ve been lucky to live there, to have the opportunities it’s given me. London is an amazing city and it’ll always be special to me.

One of the things I’ve benefitted most from during my time in London has been being a part of, and learning from, London’s amazing design community through events like UX Bookclub, IxDA London and then London IA and This is LDNIA as attendee, speaker and ultimately - alongside Martin Belam and Matthew Solle - as organiser and host.

Birmingham is a city I’ve spent a lot of time in with family over the last ten years, and I’m really excited about living there. As part of that, I want to do my bit to contribute to the design community in Birmingham as others did for me in London - to pay it forward - and to help bring designers of all shades, but particularly interaction designers, user experience designers and researchers, to come together in a way that feels overdue given its size and the number of startups hard at work in the city.

There isn’t an active chapter of IxDA in Birmingham. I’m planning on doing something about that.

From the autumn this year, IxDA Birmingham will start to meet up. Small at first - a friendly chat over good beer - bigger later with the kind of regular rhythm of speakers, discussion and debate on the past, present, future of interaction design that you’d expect from every IxDA community around the world.

Whether you’re working client-side as part of an in-house team, in a start up or agency-side in a design studio, if you’re working in digital design this is for you.

If you’re interested in being a part of it, in any capacity, get in touch and follow @ixdabirmingham on Twitter.