Andrew Travers Andrew Travers is an interaction designer and researcher. He’s the author of Interviewing for research.

Andrew Travers


Hope you like our new direction

The London IA Podcast, produced by myself and Matthew Solle, is now live.

Matthew Solle and I have been hard at work over the last few months on the latest incarnation of London IA, the London IA Podcast. It’s our attempt at widening the ability of people to be a part of London IA, whether they are able to get a ticket for a given night each month. We’ll be interviewing some familiar and not-so-familiar faces over the next few months, some people who have spoken at London IA in the past, many who haven’t.

For our first episode, we chatted to Martin Belam, The Guardian’s lead user experience & information architect. Martin talks about the future of news, working in a large media organisation, his prolific blogging and just how he made the journey from working in a Soho record shop to information architect.

Download Episode 1: Martin Belam (iTunes)

Give it a listen, and let us know what you think, and who you’d like to hear us talk to over the next few episodes. And if you like the podcast - please take the time to rate it on iTunes - it makes a huge difference to helping the podcast get found by people like you.