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Andrew Travers


5 years ago

A rare foray into memes, but this one made me feel pretty good.

‘I thought I’d briefly share where I was in each of the last 5 years in the months of July/August, in hopes of reading yours as well’ Ariel Waldman

In July/August in the last five years, this is what I was doing:

2006 Seven months into a my career at Precedent, four months into my new role as head of consulting, with my old friend Farhan Lalji installed as head of new business. Farhan and I felt like we’d conducted a coup d’etat. We were lucky that Paul Hoskins, Precedent’s MD, took a chance on us. Hope we paid you back, Paul.

2007 Halfway through re-building my team, and lucky to bring in Jane Austin - the ‘Henrik Larsson of UX’, as I pitched it to my boss - to work with the team.

2008 Four months into being a father, one month away from being married. Shellshocked.

2009 Being goaded mercilessly - or rather mercifully - by Leisa Reichelt on our shared commute into Farringdon. ‘So, you quit yet?’ Not quite yet, Leisa, but soon, very soon.

2010 Free(lance) at last. Three months into being a parent to two children. Shellshocked. And about to walk into King’s Place and fulfil the ambition of a lifetime and work with The Guardian, part of a team led by the thoroughly excellent Mairead O’Connor. Much pinching of self and saying ‘oh look, that’s Polly Toynbee!’

2011 Working on a project with people I’ve regarded as personal design heroes for much of these five years, who I won’t name because they’d be mortified, and feeling very, very lucky. More pinching of self.

The original tweet from Charles Magnuson that inspired this simply said:

Think about where you were 5 years ago. Freak out.

Yup, that.