Andrew Travers

Andrew Travers is a designer and researcher. He’s the author of Interviewing for research.

2021: week 4

Posted on 30 Jan 2021

  • This week, more than most, has been a week lived on auto pilot. It’s felt tougher and I think on reflection that I've discovered that a lot of my mental structure for ‘the week’ revolves around a running schedule, days on, days off. Solo home schooling has thrown that a little out of sync and made me appreciate that running, for me, isn’t just the mental health of the run itself but the framework running regularly provides. Lesson learned
  • I had a really good screening call with an HR person about ‘a thing’ this week. I cannot tell you how encouraging — and rare — it is to hear a solid, consistent message from a big organisation - from blog posts, to hiring manager, to HR team
  • Having finished Lou Downe's ‘Good Services’ and Stuart Cosgrove's ‘Cassius X’, I’m reading Shuggie Bain, the winner of the 2020 Booker Prize. Douglas Stuart and I grew up in very different Glasgows, but I know these streets and recognise a lot of his characters. While the Turner Prize has been regularly won by Scottish artists and Glasgow School of Art-taught artists, this is just the second book by a Scottish writer ever to win the Booker. This says much about literary awards and their judges, and very little about a succession of exceptional and overlooked Scottish writers. The previous winner, James Kelman’s ‘How Late it Was, How Late’ provoked a reaction that is still scarcely believable nearly 30 years on. Shuggie Bain is very different to How Late, and less radical too, but it still mixes English, Scots and Glaswegian dialect to extremely pleasing effect
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