Andrew Travers

Andrew Travers is a designer and researcher. He’s the author of Interviewing for research.


I’m a designer and researcher with over 20 years experience leading design teams and working on high profile projects with well-known names including the Co-op, the UK Government, Pearson, and The Guardian.

My work helps organisations translate their aspirations and the needs of their customers, consumers and citizens into highly usable, compelling digital products – from websites to digital touch screens to mobile applications. Services that people enjoy using.

  • I believe in getting in front of end-users early, and often
  • I love collaboration with other designers, researchers and developers
  • I enjoy working in agile and lean environments
  • I love working in code

I’ve held leadership positions as:

  • Head of Interaction Design at the Home Office
  • Head of Digital Design at The Co-op
  • Interim Head of Design at HM Revenue and Customs
  • Interaction Design Director at Method
  • Head of Consulting at Precedent

Since 2019, I’ve worked as an independent designer and I am part of the Public Digital network.

In 2013, I wrote Interviewing for research, a pocket guide to design research, with independent imprint Five Simple Steps.